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Poured Concrete Walls




Florida areas can be a hit and miss with hurricanes and tornadoes. Concrete walls have been independently tested simulating 250 mile-per-hour ground level wind speeds equal to the strongest hurricanes and tornadoes, steel-reinforced concrete poured walls substantially outperformed typical wood- and steel-framed walls for:

(1) Reducing flying debris, the greatest hazard to homeowners during this life-threatening weather; and

(2) Withstanding collapsing and structure damage.

Researchers at the Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University concluded that walls built with wood or steel studs lack the strength and mass to resist the impact of wind-driven debris, while concrete poured walls consistently stood up to the test without structure failure. This evidence shows that poured concrete walls are the ideal building material for a hurricane resistant house.


Concrete homes are extremely well made and solid. The heavy-duty 8 inch walls are loaded and fortified with steel (#5 Rebar typically 4'-0" on center. and a heavy 6x6 welded wire mesh screen throughout). Unlike hollow concrete block homes, Home owners can be assured that concrete homes are stout, sturdy and resiliently hard wearing. Poured walls are substantially more water sound, as well as unsusceptible to rot and termite damage.

Fire Resistance:

Home owners will rest easy knowing that their new home is built with the most incombustible material available. Concrete walls cannot burn and are extremely heat resistant.


Home owners have the availabilty to choose a floor plan ranging in any style of architectural design. Concrete homes are easily adaptable to all existing floor plans. Windows and openingss in these concrete homes have the flexibilty of size style and shape, due to ability to place them almost anywhere.Exteriors of concrete homes can be finished with a variety of attractive materials such as siding, stucco, stone, or brick.

Energy Efficient:

A New Smyrna Beach Construction Co. home built with solid concrete walls benefit the home owner by being more climate controlled. Heating and air conditioning costs are much lower as concrete acts as a thermal insulator to the changing temperatures.

Cost Efficient:

Utilizing removable forms, poured concrete homes can be constructed much more quickly than hollow block structures, thus decreasing construction costs in most cases. No joints assure the home owner less mold and water problems. The durability, sturdiness and safety factors are conducive with reduced maintenance, warranty and insurance costs.


The climate controlled efficiency enhances the home owners comfort. The 8 inch thick walls assure unparalleled quietness and security offering the utmost in comfort and peace of mind.

Because of the design flexibility in poured wall techniques, we can set forms matching existing floor plan or custom floor plan. Plus with the safety, security, and lower maintenance of poured concrete walls.